To edit this file or the web pages, please do: svn checkout Conversion between Indian and Central European Summer Time (CEST): Topics for Pencil code User Meeting in Lausanne (virtual) 2021: ============================================================== % Notes: "-" means that this item is still open (nothing has happened) % "+" means that it is already in progress (people working on it) % "*" same, but high priority % "/" postponed % "x" means that it has been dealt with % [assigned Persons] feel free to add yourself % # - review of auto-test sensitivities - updates of various data bases (pencil-code/license/developers.txt and, for example) - to explain in manual how special works - do multiple simulations via a special special (Lyapunov exp, diff latitude) - Newsletter: feedback - Status of HDF5 - should we rename some more README files to - Summary from the Pencil Code Steering Committee - to add src/pc_build_details (Status; Philippe?) - user-specific initialization (Status: Philippe) *** - restart problems with param.nml being outdated (add details in manual) - make pc_read_xyaver independent of proc*/dim.dat - turn off fatal error when just spectra aren't working. - spectra also for the initial time - default settings for compilation: read_all_videofiles (and what does pc_videofiles do?) - upwinding details - paraview or yt 3-D visualization tutorials?