13th Pencil Code User Meeting 2017

DATE & VENUE: 10th to 14th July 2017
The meeting will be held in Newcastle (UK) in the School of Mathematics & Statistics of Newcastle University.

The meeting will involve technical and scientific presentations and workshops, open discussions about the Pencil Code, and sessions for coding and/or individual discussion. Topics are listed in agenda.txt, and a provisional schedule is below.

Monday, 10 amArrivals, 'meet & greet'
14:05Introduction, code updates & statistics (Axel)
14:35Steering Committee report, Terms of Reference, updating databases
15:30Status reports
16:00Open discussion on agenda/schedule
Tuesday, 11 09:30Astaroth (Johannes)
10:00Pencil code with GPU/CUDA (Matthias)
10:30Discussion on GPU/CUDA issues
11:30Discussion on particles modules
12:00Decoupling sample from website?
12:30Discussion on other code topics
14:00python/pencilnew presentation (Simon)
14:45Discussion on python issues
15:30python/pencilnew workshop (Simon)
Wednesday, 12 09:30Cosmic ray diffusion: particles & continuum (Luiz, Andrew, Amit, Graeme)
10:45Overset Grids in the Pencil code (Jørgen)
11:15Code stability/timestep control/code units (Fred)
12:00Outing to Hadrian's Wall (t.b.c.)
Thursday 13 09:30Lean premixed combustion at elevated pressure (Xujiang)
10:00Discussion of boundary conditions (Matthias)
10:30Discussion on other code topics
11:30ISM code workshop (Fred) [For Newcastle PGs]
14:00Discussion on other code topics
14:30Coding/individual discussions
15:45Coding/individual discussions
Friday 14 09:30Summary and outlook
10:15Coding/individual discussions
11:15Coding/individual discussions
12:00Meeting ends
pmDeparture (room still available)

Participants registered to date:

Jørgen Aarnes (NTNU Trondheim)
Axel Brandenburg (Nordita)
Simon Candalersi (University of Dundee)
Boris Dintrans (IRAP Toulouse)
Can Evirgen (Newcastle University)
Frederick Gent (Aalto University)
Nils Haugen (NTNU Trondheim)
James Hollins (Newcastle University)
Johannes Pekkilä (Aalto University)
Matthias Rheinhardt (Aalto University)
Luiz Felippe Rodrigues (Newcastle University)
Graeme Sarson (Newcastle University)
Amit Seta (Newcastle University)
Andrew Snodin (King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok)
Ajay Tiwari (Northumbria University)
Xujiang Wang (UCL)

Remote participants:

Wladimir Lyra (Cal State Northridge)
Andreas Schreiber (MPIA Heidelberg)
Jörn Warnecke (MPS Göttingen)
Chao-Chin Yang (Lund University)

If you would still like to register to participate, please email g.r.sarson@ncl.ac.uk. There is no registration fee.

The meeting will take place in the Herschel Building, the home of the School of Mathematics & Statistics of Newcastle University. The Herschel Building is opposite the Haymarket Metro station, in Newcastle City Centre. The Metro system connects directly to the Airport (Newcastle International: NCL), and to the Central (Train) Station.

Details about getting to Newcastle and reaching the University can be found on the School and University travel pages. A variety of University maps are also available. (Perhaps most useful is the Campus map; the Herschel Building is Building 17 on page 2 of this map.)

Other useful resources are available on the pages of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative. These include additional Travel and Map pages; and their Getting around page is a good introduction to the city's public transport options.

A large variety of accommodation is available in Newcastle. Most of the options listed below have been used by University visitors before. For some of these options, standard University rates are available. (The University rates listed are for a single room, but other rooms are available. To ensure the use of these rates, it's simplest to go via our Office Staff; so please email any booking requests to g.r.sarson@ncl.ac.uk, and we'll arrange the booking.) For the other options, rates have not been agreed with these hotels; the prices listed below are simply rough indications of the typical rates.

City Centre
Newcastle City Centre is 15-20 minutes walk from the University.

County Hotel Victorian hotel, next to train station: University rate £78 per night, incl. breakfast
Holiday Inn Express Newcastle central branch of chain: University rate £57 per night, incl. breakfast
Motel One new, modern hotel: University rate £82.20 per night, incl. breakfast
Premier Inn Newcastle Central central branch of budget chain, ca. £40-50 per night
Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside Quayside branch of budget chain, ca. £40-50 per night
Sleeperz Newcastle new, modern hotel, near train station, ca. £60-70 per night

The suburb of Jesmond is 20-25 minutes walk from the University.

Caledonian Hotel larger, midmarket hotel: University rate £75 per night, incl. breakfast
Osborne Hotel basic, reliable hotel: University rate £45 per night, incl. breakfast

Whitley Bay
The coastal town of Whitley Bay is a 25 minute Metro ride from the University. (And continues to boast a thriving MHD community, even if former residents Axel Brandenburg and Wolfgang Dobler are no longer local!)

Metropolitan modernised bed and breakfast, ca. £45 per night
Royal Hotel sea-front hotel, ca. £45 per night
York House Hotel upmarket, family-run hotel, ca. £100 per night

Other options
For a more comprehensive list (with booking links), please see the Accommodation page of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.