Transition to

Important: from the 2nd to the 7th of January 2024 we perform the transfer of our repository to the new domain "". Please follow these instructions to submit your changes after the 2nd of January, 13:00 CET.


You might get the code using SVN (recommended) or GIT (for git-experts).

• Read-only access

svn checkout pencil-code
git clone pencil-code
No registration is required for read-only access.

• Write access

If you want to submit your changes, please register at and apply for write access to the "main" repository. Ideally, you would register with the same "USERNAME" as your GitHub account.

=> SVN:

svn checkout --username=USERNAME pencil-code

=> GIT:

git clone pencil-code

To cache your password for #### seconds, you can configure:

git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=####'

Our GIT server can show SVN revisions as notes:
git config --add remote.origin.fetch '+refs/svn/map:refs/notes/commits'
git config remote.origin.tagOpt '--tags'
git pull
git log

SVN-GIT translation:

Translate between SVN revision: or GIT hash:  

Getting an old SVN revision:

Select the original source:

and its revision number:  

Stable releases:

The Pencil Code can also be obtained as a stable release.
We also provide the stable release r21570 as TAR.gz archive for direct download.