The document about the Scientific Usage of the Pencil Code lists currently over 400 research papers quoting the Pencil Code.

Currently, we may present the following highlights:

t=200-1700 plasma density coronal loops EUV emission
Helical MHD Dynamo [AB] Supernova-driven turbulence [FAG] Coronal heating problem [PAB]

Ohter highlighting uses of the Pencil Code include the following topics:

  • Isotropic nonhelical MHD turbulence [AB]
  • Isotropic turbulence [NH]
  • Stellar convection [PJK/JW]
  • Magnetorotational instability [AJ/WL]
  • Kelvin Helmholtz instability [MM/WL]
  • Streaming instability [DC/ML/AJ/WL]
  • Global discs [WL]
  • Particle flow around objects [NH/DM]
  • spot self assembly [AB]
  • test methods [MR]