Detailed questions regarding the code and its usage can be discussed on our public mailing list. Issues of major concern to the Pencil Code community should be addressed to the Pencil Code Steering Committee.
The current core-development team consists of:
  • Axel Brandenburg (
  • Sven Bingert
  • Philippe-A. Bourdin
  • Piyali Chatterjee
  • Boris Dintrans
  • Wolfgang Dobler
  • Nils E. Haugen
  • Anders Johansen
  • Petri Käpylä
  • Maarit Käpylä
  • Wladimir Lyra
  • Dhruba Mitra
  • Matthias Rheinhardt
  • Jörn Warnecke
  • Chao-Chin Yang
All the people involved in this project are listed here.