News archive

  • 11 April 2018:
    The next Pencil Code User Meeting 2018 will be in Boulder, June 11-15.
  • 17 Dec 2016:
    The Doodle for Pencil Code User Meeting 2017 is out:
  • 13 Mar 2016:
    The 12th Pencil Code Meeting will take place 8-12 Aug 2016 in Graz/Austria. Don't forget to sign up.
  • 19 April 2015: Pencil Code moved from Google Code to Github.
    We proudly announce the successful move to and thank Toby (aka tobson) for doing a splendid job! The move became neccessary after Google announced to close Google Code. Commands to download the code with git or svn are given on the download page.
  • 24 Dec 2014:
    The 11th Pencil Code Meeting will take place 11-15 May 2015 in Trondheim. Don't forget to sign up.
  • 25 Jan 2014:
    The 10th Pencil Code Meeting took place on 7-11 July 2014 in Göttingen.
  • 20 Jun 2013:
    Welcome to the new Pencil Code homepage, designed and implemented during the 9th Pencil Code User Meeting on 17-20 June 2013 in Lund.
  • 21 Sep 2008:
    The code was moved to a Google Code repository.
  • 28 July 2006:
    All features of the eos branch have been incorporated into the main trunk. There are some minor changes that will be necessary in the .in-files, such as adding eos_init_pars (possibly with gamma=1.) and viscosity_run_pars (with the value of nu).